Stanford University, Nicholas C. Stutzman, Regional Director of Operations

Re: Recommendation for Rusty Allen, TechAnywhere.net

It is with great enthusiasm that I share my professional recommendation for Mr. Rusty Allen of TechAnywhere.net. My company, the Education Program for Gifted Youth at Stanford University, develops software for students to use in the classroom. We serve over 80,000 students in the greater Memphis geographical area, and we have been doing business with TechAnywhere.net for several years. Prior to the Fall of 2011, our relationship was limited to basic laptop repair, such as the replacement of displays, hard drives, and keyboards that were damaged by unruly students. We were always well pleased with the results of this maintenance work, which kept our technical assets in operation and in support of the educational needs of area students.

Job Corps, Ahmed Ahmed

The intention of this letter is to serve as a recommendation for TECHANYWHERE’s IT services. I fortunately stumbled upon Mr. Rusty Allen three years ago while I was looking for IT support online.
Our school had only one IT technician supporting 200 computers, more than 40 outdated printers and more than 400 users. At the time, I only needed an IT partner to refurbish our printers and laptops.

City Security Consultants, Inc., Edward Lewis II, Vice President

It has come to my attention that you are looking at securing services with Techanywhere, and I wanted to take the time to inform you of my company’s experience. Rusty Allen of Techanywhere provides an outstanding service for our company. He personally set up our servers, built our computers, and has provided timely troubleshooting services to our organization.

Heli Americas, Bruce Pelynio, President-CEO

Dear Sir, in speaking with Rusty Allen this week he mentioned that you were considering him to complete an update of your IT system. As I have gone through several of these transitions all I can say is that although the process is never without some level of stress, the ability to have someone available on a local basis for technical support reduces that stress level by a significant amount.

Lewisburg Water Association, Tara Caldwell

To Whom It May Concern,

Because we are a small company, it is hard to find someone out there to give us the computer and software support we need, when we need it. I have called some of these emergency computer numbers in the phone book and still you have to wait 24 to 48 hours to get someone out. However, since I have been working with Rusty for the last several years, if I have a problem and contact him it is taken care of at the time I call, and if for some reason he is tied up, He stills gets me taken care of as soon as possible. I have never waited more than an hour unless it was something he had to order.

To Whom It May Concern,

Rusty Allen has worked on our computer system and servers for many years. Our company operates over 25 individual workstations coupled to a series of very large servers. Rusty has provided continual and emergency support from hardware issues, server issues, networking & cables, software conflicts, etc. and completed each assigned task to a very high degree of professionalism. In fact, since many of the support functions of our company mandate that services be completed after regular working hours, Rusty has been given a key to our business doors and access codes to our security system.


Rusty Allen asked that I contact you regarding his skills and services.

I have known of Rusty for many years with my prior employer, and I have worked directly with him since establishing our Company in 2004. Fortunately, Rusty has always been on top of things for us. He has furnished computers and associated components, installed software, updated systems, and provided troubleshooting services. He is always willing to offer his advice and support. This has been true before and since the establishment of his own company.

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