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Job Corps, Ahmed Ahmed

The intention of this letter is to serve as a recommendation for TECHANYWHERE’s IT services. I fortunately stumbled upon Mr. Rusty Allen three years ago while I was looking for IT support online.

Our school had only one IT technician supporting 200 computers, more than 40 outdated printers and more than 400 users. At the time, I only needed an IT partner to refurbish our printers and laptops.

TECHANYWHERE visited our campus did a site survey (at no cost) and then presented favorable solutions to our existing challenges.
We immediately retained TECHANYWHERE’s services as our preferred IT vendor.
They exceeded our needs, Mr. Allen’s team assisted us in developing a comprehensive technology strategy that catapulted our school into the 21st century.

Please consider the following solutions that TECHANYWHERE suggested and assisted in delivery:


  1. MFP printing solution:
    Following Mr. Allen’s suggestions, we partnered with a copier company to replace all our old printers. TECHANYWHERE strategically placed data drops throughout our campus that enabled us to reduce the number of printers from 45 to 15 brand new networked MFP printers. TECHANYWHERE finished this project in two days with minimal classroom interruption.
  2. Networked computers solution:
    TECHANYWHERE understood that we needed to increase the number of computers in our school for our students’ success. Mr. Allen briefed me on the virtualization technologies available and we immediately capitalized on this technology. TECHANYWHERE set up a data drop layout that enabled us to triple our computer workstations. We added 80 new computer workstations at an eighth of the conventional cost.
  3. Communication and Multimedia station:
    We needed a communication center that could stream our proprietary content, greet visitors, and display interactive information. TECHANYWHERE researched, sourced, delivered, installed and configured an effective solution within two weeks.
  4. MDF and Data drop clean up:
    TECHANYWHERE’s team label their data drops, tie down the cables and clean up after they are done. Mr. Allen did not want his professional installations to be mistaken with the previous vendor’s services. He therefore offered to clean up all our broken data drops, tone the connectivity, improve our patch panel’s appearance, for the price of installing our UPS backup batteries that were on the MDF floor.This tremendous aesthetic and efficiency improvement. I have made numerous “guidance” calls to Rusty when I get stuck while fixing IT issues (at no cost). You really have to experience the TECHANYWHERE service to believe it.
  5. Campus-Wide WI-FI solution:
    We consulted TECHANYWHERE when we needed a WI-FI hotspot solution. Mr. Allen’s team surveyed our campus, identified the best WAP locations and presented a detailed cost analysis. I transferred to a larger campus in Missouri, we therefore could not start this project.


This fifth solution speaks to TECHANYWHERE’s integrity and work ethic. They were thorough in conducting the wireless survey, sourced and quoted multiple WAP appliances, submitted a detailed report and yet did not charge us for these preliminary services.

On a personal note, Rusty compiled some names and contact information that have proven to be very helpful in my transition here in Missouri. This courteous personality is exemplified in TECHANYWHERE’s professional business values and interaction.

I personally recommend TECHANYWHERE’s professional technology services, you can call me at 816-529-6621 if you have any questions. Be encouraged to utilize Mr. Allen’s experience, you will not regret it.

Kind regards, Ahmed Ahmed 816-529-6621

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