About Us

When my business partner and I decided to start a company, we sat down together to decide what we would name it. I was a hardware and network guy, and he was a programmer. It took us many hours to figure out what we were going to call ourselves, and the end result was TechANYWHERE™.

My partner told me that Service was my strength and he started figuring out a way to use the internet to schedule and dispatch service calls. At the time, I didn’t even use a Smart Phone. I was dead-set on my little flip-phone. And, of course, there were so many types of phones that my partner decided the right way to approach this was to develop a framework that would support any mobile phone or device that had text messaging or internet capabilities. Low and behold, we started this wonderful company TechANYWHERE™.

I ate bolonga sandwiches while we built our customer database, and my partner pushed forward to enable me all the ability to run our organization as a team leader from my cell phone. It was great to be able to dispatch a tech to a call when I couldn’t make the schedule.

Our business and many others thrive from receiving service requests and them immediately being added to the client database and showing up on our cell phones and e-mail.

Next, decide what tech to dispatch, and what tools or parts might be needed, as well as navigating to the destination of the service call directly from the mobile device.

This has taken our company into the future and allowed us to provide top notch service consistently.

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