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Command Line to Restart Windows 8 with Advanced Boot options Menu

Step 1: Left click an empty area on your Desktop. Step 2: Move your mouse to the bottom left corner of your screen; the Start Menu will appear. Step 3: Right click on the Start Menu, and left click Command

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How to enable the F8 key to start Safe Mode in Windows 8

Many people have asked me how to do this. Rather than take the time to explain the process to everyone who asks me, I looked and found a perfectly written article by Lawrence Abrams on the website. “Windows 8

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Why Are My Adobe .pdf Print Jobs Changing to .prn Simple Fix

I have noticed that several people are having this issue. I’m not sure whether it was an Adobe update or a browser update, I assume it is Adobe. All .pdf documents try to print to a file unless you uncheck

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Scam from Phone Numbers 646-915-1375, 646-000-000, 202-202-1234, Total Scammers, Call Say They are Microsoft, or with Windows 7

The call is made to you and they ask to get access to your computer. They claim to be with Microsoft and that your computer has been hacked or has viruses. They charge money for their service and tell you

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Create Windows 8 Shutdown (Power Off) Step By Step Shortcut Instructions

Step 1:  Right click anywhere on your desktop and then left click “Create a Shortcut”. Step 2:  Type in shutdown /p Step 3:  Call it Power Off  (or anything else you like). Step 4:  Right click on your new desktop

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