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Outlook can’t connect to Gmail: Password incorrect

If you wish to just get this over with without reading the entire instructions, just sign in to your Gmail on the internet because your password is correct, then click this link (click here) and change it to on instead

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The Signature of the Program is Corrupt or Invalid Solved

PROBLEM:    Any time I try to download anything it says that the signature of the program is corrupt or invalid, so I tried the Internet Options, Advanced Tab, scrolled down and checked Allow software to run or install even if the signature is

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Hosted Appliance or Web server behind Comcast Cisco modem (Loopback issue) Solved

Recently I moved my office from one location to another.  The prior location had a Comcast SMC modem,  and I was hosting my Turbo Meeting  Appliance in-house.  A-records were entered for my new IP address for my new location at

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