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Cricket Air Card Installation after Virus Removal

I spent 15 minutes correcting a problem with a Cricket Air Card after support told them they had hardware issues. To resolve the issue I had to: remove all the dialup connections they installed ran a run as administrator command

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Memphis man arrested – child pornography found on computer

CRIME REPORT: Memphis man arrested on child pornography charges Memphis police have arrested a 33-year-old man after a sting led to the discovery of hundreds of images of child pornography on his computer. As police departments become more tech savvy

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responsive bootstrap 3 wordpress theme


Today we rolled out a new design for the Go Worship Network.  It is a responsive design that uses the Twitter Bootstrap 3 framework with buttons and icons from Font Awesome.  After receiving the artwork and the overall vision, we worked

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Free Flow Solder HP Laptop Video Chip

Heat gun for free flow solder hp

Personally I have done many of these repairs. Many laptop and video card manufactures look for the cheap way out when designing the heat-sinks for their products. What they don’t plan for is environment factors of different households or businesses.

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