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This computer is configured to require a password in order to start up

  When you get scammers calling claiming to be from Microsoft and they want access to your computer to fix a virus, they really are not from Microsoft. They will tell you that your computer has somehow contacted them and that

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NComputing Login Problem Solved

Fix for: Select a user to disconnect so that you may login – There are too many users log in.” This will be a global issue due to Windows Update from Monday. Solution: 1. Go to Uninstall a Program on

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Microsoft Office 2013 Error Microsoft Excel has stopped working.

first try to run Excel in Safe Mode:  On Keyboard press the Windows Key and the letter R, or Start, Search, and type run, then type excel /safe If Excel will run in safe mode disable all addins from the Options. 

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The proxy server isn’t responding, Trojan Proxy Server keeps changing Lan Settings back everytime.

A client brought me a computer that would not get on the internet in any browser.  Someone told him that he could use another browser, but of course that wouldn’t work considering that all software browsers get their setting from

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