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Craig’s List Scam Using PAYPAL and Shipping Agent

I recently heard from my step son that he was selling his motorcycle on Craig’s List in Memphis  and he got two calls within hours of his listing.  The numbers were:  901.509.0772 and an email address from claiming to

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925-953-2879 933-184-3741New Number For Scammers Who Had The Nerve To Call Me

Just received a call 3 minutes ago from this number 925-953-2879 claiming to be Windows support.  The guy on the phone had an accent I could hardly understand.  Asked me if I was aware that someone was trying to access

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844-258-9534 Virus Scam Image On Desktop

Do not call these guys claiming that they are Windows Help.  This is a SCAM.  These people are thieves;  they are the people producing the virus.  They are infecting sites and downloading this image to your computer to get you

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1-800-208-0798 Virus Pop UP Scam Command Promt at Login c:\windows\system32 Ransome

I wrote about this scam many months ago to warn people when first started calling random people who fell for the scam.  At that time they were putting a password on the computers after they gained remote access.  They have

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This computer is configured to require a password in order to start up

  When you get scammers calling claiming to be from Microsoft and they want access to your computer to fix a virus, they really are not from Microsoft. They will tell you that your computer has somehow contacted them and that

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TechANYWHERE vs. MetroPCS on   As The Owner of TechANYWHERE, I decided to research this complaint. I decided to look the company MetroPCS up in my books, and of course they don’t exist there. Next I decided to research the company itself.  Found them, a

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New Scammers Hollywood Wireless or Pratt Wireless, LLC, Houston, MS. They have a legit Wells Fargo Account with no money in it to cover the check.

Hollywood Wireless and Jaycee Pratt ordered some store fixtures from our company.  They worte a check for the product we sent them.  The check totalled $1,622.00.  The check was returned for insufficient funds, ie it bounced.  Jaycee Pratt still operates

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Scam from Phone Numbers 646-915-1375, 646-000-000, 202-202-1234, Total Scammers, Call Say They are Microsoft, or with Windows 7

The call is made to you and they ask to get access to your computer. They claim to be with Microsoft and that your computer has been hacked or has viruses. They charge money for their service and tell you

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