Fix Ransom Virus Cryptolock

This is the new virus that is holding your files for ransom.

How to beat the Ransom Virus Crypto 

  • The best way to beat this guy is to take your drive and save your data to something off the network, because it will encrypt all attached drives. You can then reload Windows and you are safe.
  • Alternatively, you can simply change your clock. The genius never thought of that.

It offers you a get out of jail free card for $300.00. Not bad until you don’t pay. Guess what? It’s no joke. Your files will be encrypted whether you pay or not. Dr. Web says he can fix them. I wouldn’t bet on it though. I tried Advanced Excel repair tool, which costs $89.00, and they couldn’t fix the files because of too much damage.

If Dr. Web “CAN” fix them then he produced the Cryptolock Virus himself. I don’t think I would give him my personal information. I have used the advanced repair tools in the past, and they work as advertised. They don’t work on this one though. Dr. Web does it for $25.00 a file, or so he says. Try your luck. I think you would be dealing with the devil personally.

I saved three companies this week by changing date and time. Amazing how simple some things are. Wouldn’t you agree?

How can someone pull this off and forget about a small detail like changing the date and time? Good virus, but an amateur programmer. Come on now. You give them a time and they can actually set the clock back and destroy your deviant thoughts. You should be on “Americas Dumbest Cyber Criminal Videos”. Maybe we can do a website called ADCCV…

My number is on the wesite.  That’s how you contact me.  I answer 24/7.


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