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As The Owner of TechANYWHERE, I decided to research this complaint. I decided to look the company MetroPCS up in my books, and of course they don’t exist there. Next I decided to research the company itself.  Found them, a company in Texas, not Los Angeles, phone number: 888.863.8768. Very disturbing that they take about 30 minutes for you to reach a live person and that their website has no real information about a real location. I (Rusty Allen) called them and finally spoke to a human being.  They gave me a complete runaround when I asked them about this report. Actually told me they could not give me their phisical address due to security reasons, but did state that they were located in Northern California, San Diego area, last I checked San Diego is in Southern California. The more I researched them and the complaint, the further I realized this to be one of three things: a fraudulent act by a competitor, an act by someone who feels revengeful, or from the developer of this website. Either way I did more research and found that the owner of is known for doing this particual thing to companies and trying to extort money from them, in fact I received a call from somone soon after the report telling me they could help me regain my reputation for a fee. Wow, a fee to get rid of a non-factual report on my company. I read the rules for arbitration and found that they charge $2,000.00 for this service. I felt no need to pay anyone any fee because the report was false. First off, the complaint has almost no truth to it. In fact the only truths are my name (Rusty Allen), my Company (TechANYWHERE), city, state, zip code, and phone number. I researced further after seeing the posted address that has not been mine for more than four years. The report was filed August 30, 2014. Next I sold no computers to anyone in California at MetroPCS who claims to be a part of the T-Mobile network. Then I realized that the amount $3989.00 is an extremely high price for a computer. If I could sell them for that I would be a fortune 500 company. Of course I can’t, and I’m not, so I looked more at the report that stated I charged his credit card and he was having me arrested August 31, 2014. Its now September 27, 2014 and I have not been to jail or approached by any authorities. Not to mention the fact hat I am a small business that would not be able to absorb the credit card processing fees for a $3989.00 purchase. Then comes the pressing charges on me for something that could have been returned, and a disbute could have been filed for the credit card charge, he did claim that a credit card was used. I also noticed in the rules of this complaint that no racial coments can be made, or profanity. I don’t believe I or everyone in Mississippi are what this person says we are. It was pretty obvious the person writing this report has distorted views on ethnic and cultural backgrounds. More research brought me back to my own website: and the blogs I wave posted there about Hollywood Wireless in Houston, MS and the owner of Pratt Wireless, LLC. I hope this helps to rebut this persons report.

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